Boulder Deli Now Serving Gluten Free Options

vegi GF sandwich boulder deli

Boulder delin free deli Boulder County Deli – Go BOCO We may not be in Boulder’s city limits. However, we are worth the short drive. Our deli offers Gluten Free and Regular Deli Options at our Boulder County Deli and Store. We love serving great foods at our Boulder Deli location. Our products can made […]

Gluten Free Deli

gluten free deli in Longmont gluten free sandwich

Gluten Free Deli in Longmont Gluten Free Deli Longmont. Celiacs is a major consideration that affects People with a specific protein called gluten. Gluten occurs naturally in rye, barley, wheat, as well as any crossbreeds of these different strains. Flour used as a thickening agent in stews, soups, salad dressings and sauces often contains gluten. […]