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Regardless of Celiac disease, allergies or gluten intolerance, consequently, you have no option but to eat gluten free all the time. The Mountain Fountain understands and above all, we know what it means to have a diagnosis change your entire life. However, first and foremost we strongly believe that being gluten free needn’t mean that your foods taste bad or are prohibitively expensive.  We created our exclusive allergan controlled bakery, therefore we can better serve the local community. We are very proud to share various delectable baked treats with our customers.

100% gluten-free baked products

All products are made in our 100% certified bakery, therefore you never compromise on taste. Whether you want some fresh bread for your breakfast table, dinner rolls or pies, tarts, cookies, and muffins, we have just the products for you. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to try out our delicious and scrumptious baked goodies. Turn your everyday meal into something special and healthy. We welcome you to try out our non-glutenized baked fare!

Mountain Fountain is based on the belief that our clienteles needs are of utmost importance and that is what we have centered our business on. We meet expectation through processes and further our staff is committed to meeting these needs. Keeping pace with the increasing demand for allergan free foods, we are here to help ease the mind of people that need or to choose to eat gluten-free.

Our specialties

Our gluten free bakery specializes in pies, cookies, muffins, breads and various signature treats. Our regular and repeat customers show that we have truly made our mark. We always strive to make delicious gluten free bakery products more accessible.

For customers that suffer from gluten sensitivity or are managing Celiac disease, we let you have your cake and enjoy it thoroughly too. Whether you are indulging in a slice of glutenfree specialty pie or grabbing a freshly baked cookie, you’ll be treated to incredible flavors & textures.

The gluten free bakery with a difference

While many bakeries claim that they offer gluten free products, there is always the risk of contamination with gluten. But that’s something we never compromise or falter on. Take a look at how we are different:

  • We make every single product from scratch, using non-gluten options with certified processes and ingredients. The Mountain Fountain is a labor of love. It is driven by our desire to prove cooking without gluten doesn’t have to mean tasteless and bland.
  • We’re very picky, and if we cant make a recipe free of gluten, it just won’t make the menu.
  • Our establishment makes all of our treats in our dedicated bakery, ensuring there is no any cross contamination.
  • Our specially trained, friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions about our baked products.
  • We are focused on being “free of gluten” and that’s what we do amazingly well.
  • Locally sourced, tested gluten-free ingredients, traditional baking methods and interesting recipes are what makes the Mountain Fountain bakery unique
Come and Give Us a Try

We welcome you to try out and treat your taste buds to any of our mouth-watering cookies, pies, tarts, muffins and more today!