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We love hosting events in the store.

Check back on this page for upcoming events, schedules and that elusive Things To Do Near Me search. You can also check out our Facebook or Instagram page! While you are there, please “Like” us!

Upcoming Events:


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Things To Do in Hygiene Colorado

Hygiene is a fun little town and we are doing our part. If you are searching Google for Things to do near me, maybe it is time to stop by and check us out. Hygiene has many different activities through the year, such as Hay Days and we have our own events. Our events are fun for our customers in Longmont, Boulder as well as all around Boulder County. Hygiene is located just outside of Longmont and is very convenient for residents of Lyons, Niwot, Boulder and Longmont.

Bicycle Tours, Races and Casual Riders

We have many bicycle events passing through the area, therefore, this has allowed us to become a central part of the bicycle riders community. It is not uncommon to find 20 or 30 bicycle riders hanging around, eating or just catching their breath under one of our huge shade trees on our wonderful yard/patio area. It’s like hanging out in you’re own back yard. That is if your backyard has 100 year old shade trees. 

Have an Idea for and Event and Activity?

We welcome ideas for groups, events or happenings to meet in our store. The store has open seating areas as well as our yard area to can accommodate large groups. We can cater your activity or we can work with you to co-sponsor and help make your activity awesome. Whatever your idea is, stop on in, or give Carrie a call. If it is a fit for the store. lets get it setup and going.


The Mountain Fountain Can Feed Your Crew

When your group meets at the Mountain Fountain, you can be assured that you won’t leave hungry. The Mountain Fountain offers a large selection of meal options both hot and cold and we can offer options for almost any dietary need. We are especially proud of our gluten free offerings, vegetarian fare and wonderful regular options. We make our own gluten free breads and most of our ingredients are locally sourced. Have a sweet tooth? We have something for that as well including pies, brownies, cookies, banana bread, and best of all they are all gluten free. Most people who try our stuff are amazed that it is gluten free, but our bakery is 100% gluten free. We also offer butcher items featuring locally raised beef, pork and chicken. We hope to have your group enjoy our store and keep coming back!